The Evolution of Networking Technologies

• Ethernet:   Ethernet is a technology for local area networking (LAN). It specifies the hardware and software standards for transmitting and receiving data packets over a local network. Ethernet allows multiple computers to connect and share resources like files, printers, etc.

• Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi or Wireless Fidelity is a technology for wireless local area networking. It provides network access over unlicensed radio frequencies. Wi-Fi allows devices like laptops, tablets, and smartphones to connect to a network wirelessly.

• Fiber Optics: Fiber optic technology transmits data over light signals through optical fibers. It offers huge bandwidth, low attenuation and electromagnetic interference immunity. Fiber optic cables are used to connect networks over long distances.

• DSL: Digital Subscriber Line or DSL is a technology for bringing high-speed internet access over the traditional telephone lines. It enables broadband internet connectivity over copper telephone lines. DSL provides faster speeds than basic telephone service.

• Cable Modem: A cable modem connects a computer or network to the internet over a cable TV line. It is used for broadband internet access provided through cable companies. Cable modems provide fast internet speeds along with TV service.

• TCP/IP: TCP/IP is a set of protocols for transmitting data over the internet or other networks. IP defines how data should be formatted and addressed so that it can be directed between networks. TCP ensures that data is delivered accurately, in sequence and without corruption. TCP/IP is essential for networking and the Internet.

• LAN/WAN: A Local Area Network or LAN connects computers in a limited geographic area like office or building. A Wide Area Network or WAN connects LANs that are spread over larger geographic areas or even across different cities/countries. LANs provide fast connectivity while WANs require additional hardware and links for connecting over long distances.

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