Dalton U10 2K UPS 2KVA/1800W

– Online UPS Design 1 PF

– Pure Sine Wave

– Transformer less UPS Technology

– Optional SNMP Communication Port

– Cold Start Function

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Dalton U10 2K

U10 2K UPS 2KVA/1800W Smart online UPS Single phase pure sinewave

Dalton U10 2K UPS 2KVA/1800W :

U10 2K UPS 2KVA/1800W Smart online UPS Single phase pure sinewave

the best Dalton UPS

The Dalton U10 2K UPS 2KVA/1800W is a high quality uninterruptible power supply

UPS provides reliable backup power for important electronic devices.

With a capacity of 2KVA or 1800W, this UPS is designed to handle the power demands of a wide range of applications

From small enterprises to large data centers.

The U10 2K UPS’s innovative line-reactive technology allows it to manage voltage fluctuations

Providing clean, reliable power to connected devices.

This protects sensitive equipment such as servers and networking devices

And workstations from power surges and outages.

The U10 2K UPS is designed for versatility and can be used in both rack-mounted and standalone configurations.

It has an easy-to-read LCD screen that displays real-time information on UPS status, battery level, and load capacity.

This allows users to monitor the performance of the UPS

And take the required measures to ensure continued power delivery.

Moreover, the U10 2K UPS has multiple ports

Allowing customers to connect multiple devices at the same time.

It also has a long battery backup period

This ensures that connected devices remain powered during a power outage

This gives users enough time to save their work and safely turn off devices.

In conclusion, the Dalton U10 2K UPS 2KVA/1800W is a powerful and reliable backup power solution

It is excellent for businesses and individuals who want a continuous power source for vital electronic devices.

Its advanced features, adaptability and strong power capacity

Making it a reliable choice to ensure continuous operations and protect critical equipment.

U10 2K UPS 2KVA/1800W Smart online UPS Single phase pure sinewave

the best Dalton UPS

Dalton Power :

Dalton Power is a well-known and recognized company that specializes in providing energy solutions

That can be relied upon for a variety of industries and applications.

Dalton Power has established itself as a trusted name in the energy market by focusing on quality and innovation.

Dalton Power’s wide product range is one of its core strengths.

The company’s energy products include Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)

Voltage regulators, inverters, and surge protection devices.

These devices are designed to match the specific power requirements of different environments

Whether they are modest home offices or huge industrial facilities.

Dalton Power is also known for its dedication to technological advancement.

The company invests heavily in research and development

They always aim to include the latest technologies.

This ensures that customers benefit from advanced features, increased efficiency, and increased reliability.

Furthermore, Dalton Power places a high value on customer happiness.

The company’s team of experienced professionals is committed to providing great customer service

By providing technical support, guidance and customized solutions to suit specific needs.

Dalton Power has earned a reputation as a reliable source of energy solutions

Through its commitment to quality, innovation and customer satisfaction.

Whether it’s protecting essential equipment, or backup power during a power outage

Or maintaining consistent voltage levels, Dalton Power is a reliable partner

Ensures businesses and individuals get the electricity they need, when they need it.

You can also check out other releases from Dalton Power

Specification: Dalton U10 2K UPS 2KVA/1800W





Input system

Single phase & earth ground

Voltage range

(90±5)VAC~ (300±5)VAC

Voltage range of bypass

(80±5)VAC~ (286±5)VAC (default: 80VAC~264VAC Could be adjusted by software)

Output system

Single phase & earth ground

Rated voltage


Power factor


Voltage precision


Voltage distortion

≤ 3% at linear load

Output waveform

Pure Sine Wave

Normal mode

1.The output frequency synchronizes with the input frequency when the input frequency is in the range of 46Hz~ 54Hz.

Battery mode

2.The output frequency is 50Hz when the input frequency is not in the range of 46Hz~ 54Hz.

3.Can be set as 60Hz.

Inverter overload capacity (Utility power, 25Co)

100% ± 5% < Load ≤ 105% ± 5% Overload warning only

105% ± 5% < Load < 125% ± 5% 10s transfer to bypass

Load > 125% ± 5%, 300ms transfer to bypass

Transfer time

0ms (Normal mode←→ Battery mode)
<4ms (Normal mode←→Bypass mode)

Crest factor


LCD Display

AC/ DC voltages; kVA/ kW; Frequency; Temperature; Battery & load level

LED Status Indicator

Utility power; Battery discharge; Inverter On

External Communication

RS232 / RJ11 / Optional Intelligent Slot


3 control push button for POWER ON / POWER OFF / FUNCTION KEY

Communication software

Windows XP/ 2003 and later version; Linux; Unix


SNMP Card/ USB Card/ Dry Contact AS400 Card/ CMC Card/ RS485 Card/ EMD Monitoring Device

Batteries voltage


Battery Type

Sealed maintenance-free lead –acid battery

Backup Time (25Co)

Full load ≥ 5min (Standard)

Battery quantity


Charge current


L*W*H (mm)


Weight (kg)


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