Legrand 33772 Patch panel

  • Equipped with 4 extractable cassettes each containing 6 connectors. Cat 6A STP RJ45 quick – connect connectors (no tools required), with 568 A/B marking.
  • Equipped with rear cable guide to hold the cables.
  • 19″ panel – 1 U.
  • Supplied with coloured labels, white yellow, blue and red.
  • The panel ensure automatic earthing of each connector.

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Legrand 33772

33772 Patch panel 19 inch – equipped with 24 RJ45 Category 6A STP

Legrand 33772 Patch panel :

33772 Patch panel 19 inch - equipped with 24 RJ45 Category 6A STP

the best Patch panel

The Legrand 33772 patch panel is a cutting-edge solution

for improving network connectivity in a range of contexts.

Whether you’re running a small office network or a massive data center

this patch panel offers great performance and versatility.

This patch panel is specially aimed at helping you arrange and manage network connections efficiently.

Thanks to its high-density architecture, it can neatly organize a large number of outlets in a small space.

This not only saves important rack space, but also makes cable management easier

This reduces clutter and enhances ventilation inside the network cabinet.

The Legrand 33772 patch panel also comes with additional features that improve its functionality.

Its modular design allows for easy installation and removal of individual outlets

Making it easy to add or replace connections as needed.

The board’s labeling system also ensures each port is clearly identified

making troubleshooting and maintenance easier.

Furthermore, the patch panel is designed with longevity in mind.

Its durable design and high-quality materials provide

long-lasting performance, even in harsh environments.

Legrand 33772 patch panel provides stable and high-speed connection to the network

Thanks to good signal transmission and low interference.

33772 Patch panel 19 inch - equipped with 24 RJ45 Category 6A STP

the best Patch panel

Legrand :

Legrand is the world leader in electrical and digital infrastructure solutions for buildings.

With its century-long history, Legrand has established it self as a reputable name in this field.

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Legrand provides a variety of innovative solutions and systems to improve space safety, comfort and efficiency.

One of LeGrand’s core strengths is its commitment to sustainability.

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LeGrand offers energy management systems

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LeGrand’s commitment to innovation is demonstrated

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Furthermore, Legrand emphasizes the user experience and ease of installation.

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Legrand also provides comprehensive technical support and training

This ensures customers get the most out of their devices.

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Specification: Legrand 33772 Patch panel





Number of buses/couplings


Suitable for number of connectors


Type of connector

RJ45 8(8)




6A (IEC)

Connection type

Insulation displacement connector

Number of height units






Mounting method

482.6 mm (19 inch) mounting


43.85 mm


482.5 mm


321.7 mm

Degree of impact strength (IK)


Operating / setting temperature

-25-70 °C

Storage temperature

-40-70 °C

Terminal marking indication




Cable nature for connection

Flexible or rigid

Label space/information surface


Cable support

With zigzag

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