TP-LINK TAPO P100 Socket

  • Remote Control – Instantly turn connected devices on/off wherever you are through the Tapo app
  • Schedule – Preset a schedule to automatically manage devices
  • Timer – Create countdown timer lists for connected electronics
  • Voice Control – Manage your smart plug with voice commands via Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant
  • Away Mode – Automatically turns devices on and off at different times to give the appearance that someone is home
  • Compact Design – Mini-sized to avoid blocking adjacent sockets
  • Easy Setup and Use – No hub required, set up quickly and manage easily through the free app

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Tapo P100 (2-pack) Mini Smart Wi-Fi Socket

TP-LINK TAPO P100 Socket :

Tapo P100 (2-pack) Mini Smart Wi-Fi Socket

the best TP-LINK Socket

The TP-Link Tapo P100 is a smart plug that enables users

to control their electrical appliances remotely.

The Tapo P100 plug adds, with its sleek form and smart function

Ease and efficiency to any home or workplace.

The Tapo P100’s jack is more connected to voice assistants

Such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are one of its most prominent features.

This means that users can manage their devices using simple voice commands

It is very suitable for individuals who want to run

Or turn off their device without actually interfering with the socket.

The Tapo P100 socket is easy to install.

Users just need to download the Tapo app and connect

the socket to their Wi-Fi network to get started.

The program has an easy-to-use interface that allows users to control their devices

Create schedules and monitor energy use.

Users can make use of the scheduling feature to automate their devices to turn on

And turn it off at certain times, thus saving energy and reducing utility expenses.

The Tapo P100 plug provides peace of mind regarding security.

It has surge protection to protect connected devices from power fluctuations

In addition to a random feature that turns devices on and off

At random times to create the illusion of occupancy when users are away from home.

Overall, the TP-Link Tapo P100 socket is a useful addition to any smart home or office setup.

Its compatibility with voice assistants and simple setup

Tapo P100 (2-pack) Mini Smart Wi-Fi Socket

the best TP-LINK Socket

TP-Link :

TP Link is a company of quality smart home products and networking equipment.

TP-Link was founded in 1996 and has since grown into a reliable global provider of network solutions.

and innovative devices such as routers, switches, access points, switches, and more.

The EAP660 HD Wireless Access Point from TP-Link is a flagship product

It provides fast and Efficient Wi-Fi performance for medium to large settings.

With Compatibility with Wi-Fi 6 standards and rates up to 3600 Mbps

The EAP660 HD is an excellent solution for High-density environments

Where network and Connectivity Congestion is critical.

TP-Link also offers a variety of smart home goods

Such as smart plugs, lights, cameras, and more

Which can all be controlled and managed using their Kasa app.

TP-Link’s creative and Easy-to-use approach to smart home technology helps

In making homes more connected and Accessible.

You can also see another version of Tp-Link

Specification: TP-LINK TAPO P100 Socket




Tapo P100 (2-pack)


IEEE 802.11b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.2 (for onboarding only)

Wireless Type

2.4 GHz

System Requirements

Android 4.4 or higher, iOS 9.0 or higher

Dimensions( H X W X D )

2.0* 2.8* 1.6 in (51*72.0*40 mm)




Power Button
Status LED

Power Requirements

AC 220-240 V~50/60 Hz 10 A

Maximum Load

2300 W, 10 A

Package Contents

Mini Smart Wi-Fi Socket Tapo P100
Quick Start Guide




Operating Temperature: 0 ºC–35 ºC
Operating Humidity: 10%–90%RH, Non-condensing

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