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ZKTeco ML300 Smart Lock

  • No drilling required
  • Remote Control: Unlock and manage the lock from anywhere
  • Capacitive Fingerprint Sensor: Quick verification for dry or rough fingers
  • Random Access Code: Protect your password from prying eyes
  • Temporary Access: Share digital keys valid for a specific time
  • Voice Control: Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Smart Alerts: Receive real-time notifications of low battery, illegal attempts and hijacking
  • Reversible design: Suitable for all door opening directions

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ZKTeco ML300

ML300 Bluetooth-Enabled Fingerprint Keypad Smart Lock

ZKTeco ML300 Smart Lock :

ML300 Bluetooth-Enabled Fingerprint Keypad Smart Lock

the best Smart Lock

The ZKTeco ML300 Smart Lock is an advanced access control system

Easily combines advanced safety features with modern convenience.

This unique smart lock aims to change the way people and businesses do business

With home and workplace security by providing a comprehensive range of high-tech features.

The ML300 is equipped with a variety of access options, including fingerprint recognition

RFID cards and PIN codes, to provide secure and easy entry

While meeting a wide range of user preferences and access requirements.

Its multi-modal approach to access management creates a new standard for smart locks

Making it an excellent choice for residential, commercial and institutional applications.

One of the most notable aspects of the ZKTeco ML300 Smart Lock is its focus on strong security.

The use of biometric fingerprint recognition technology improves security compared to traditional key-based systems.

Not only does this innovative technology provide unparalleled security against unauthorized access

It also eliminates the need for physical keys, reducing the risk of duplicating and losing keys.

Furthermore, the ML300’s tamper-resistant design and rugged construction

They increase its resistance to illegal tampering, ensuring that the integrity of the lock remains intact.

The ML300 Smart Lock does more than just provide protection; It also simplifies daily life.

Its user-friendly interface and intuitive controls make it easy to use

Access rights and input logs are easy to manage, allowing users to easily monitor and restrict access.

ML300 Bluetooth-Enabled Fingerprint Keypad Smart Lock

the best Smart Lock

ZKTeco :

ZKTeco is a global leader in creating innovative security and time management solutions

It constantly works to set industry standards for innovation and quality.

ZKTeco has established itself as a leader in security technology

It offers a comprehensive product range that includes access control

Time attendance, smart locks and security checks.

The company’s commitment to research and development has resulted in the production of a diverse range

Products that meet the changing requirements of institutions, organizations and individuals worldwide.

ZKTeco access control systems are known for their advanced features, such as biometric identification

RFID technology and cloud-based management provide reliable security and unprecedented convenience.

It ensures the use of biometric authentication, such as fingerprints and facial recognition

Accurate and reliable access control, protecting sensitive sites and assets.

Moreover, ZKTeco time attendance solutions ensure efficient and accurate business management

By leveraging biometric and RFID technology to simplify attendance tracking and improve operational efficiency.

Moreover, ZKTeco’s smart lock line, highlighted by the ML10 Smart Lock

Combining advanced security and modern design, providing consumers

A powerful, easy-to-use access management solution.

It shows the smart lock’s many access options, which include fingerprint, RFID card, PIN, and mechanical key

Its versatility and ability to adapt to different user preferences.

ML300 Bluetooth-Enabled Fingerprint Keypad Smart Lock

the best Smart Lock

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Specification: ZKTeco ML300 Smart Lock





Case Material

Zinc Alloy (Level & Front Panel) + ABS (Back Shell)


American Standard Single Latch German Standard Mortise (optional)

Identification Mode

Fingerprint and Passcode, Smart Phone

User Capacity


Fingerprint Capacity


Passcode Capacity


Fingerprint Sensor

Capacitive (silicon)


Bluetooth 5.0

Remote Access

Bluetooth Gateway Required

Voice Control

Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant

Power Supply

4×AA Alkaline Battery (not included)

Backup Power Interface

Micro-USB Port Supported

Battery Life

Up to 1.5 years (about 10000 access)

Door Thickness

30-60mm (standard)


Adjustable 60 or 70 mm (only for single latch)

Dimensions (W*L*D)

Front: 75*138*23mm; Back: 75*150*27mm

Color Options

Silver / Gray

Operating Temperature

-20°C – 55°C

Operating Humidity

10%~90% RH (non-condensing)



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ZKTeco ML300 Smart Lock

8.560,00 EGP

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