D-Link patch cord 0.50

D-Link patch cord 0.50 Insulation Material: HDPE Heat Resistant: 75°C Min. RJ-45 8P Clear Color Gold Plated: 30U Contact Blade: Phosphor Bronze Temperature Range

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D-Link patch cord 0.50

D-Link patch cord 0.50:

 the patch cord is a system

a PE crossbar, and each pair of complete

D-Link patch cord 0.50

the best patch cord

cables is twisted and bent as intended,

even after transmission, cabling,

wiring and management is characterized

by its high specification.

Maintains an elegant appearance.

This is an important factor,

including ensuring performance

in a variety of high-efficiency applications.

patch cables :

The electrical cable or optical cable used for connection
It is another electronic or optical device for directing a signal. Devices of various types (for example, an

adapter connected to a computer, or an adapter to a router) are connected

to patch cords. Patch cords are usually made in different colors so that they can be made easily

distinguished from each other.
Types of connecting wires

include microphone cables,

optical fiber spectroscopy cables,

headphone extension cables,

XLR connector,

Tiny Telephone (TT) connector,

RCA connector, and ¼” TRS telephone connector

cables (plus modular Ethernet cables)

used to carry video signals or

Patch cords usually only

refer to short cords used

with patch panels.

and it is the best to using.

the best patch cord


Specification: D-Link patch cord 0.50

Gold plated


Insulator withstand voltage

500V AC

insulation material


Heat resistance

75°C minimum
RJ-45 8P for color transparency
Gold plated: 30U"

Contact blade

Phosphor Bronze


750 matching cycles

Pulling force from cable to plug

20 lbs (89 Newtons) (min.

Insulation resistance

35 m ohm (maximum)
Durability: 750 matching cycles
Cable-to-plug tensile strength: 20 lbs (89 Newtons)

Temperature range

-20 ~ 80 degrees Celsius

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D-Link patch cord 0.50

66,00 EGP

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