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D-Link patch cord 2M cat6

D-Link cat6 patch cords are high quality four-pair twisted pair cables terminated with rj45 standard plugs at both ends. It is tia/eia-568-c. 2 standard. These patch wires are suitable for high speed data transmission.

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D-Link patch cord 2M cat6


D-Link patch cord 2M cat6:

D-Link patch cord 2M

The best in data transfer

patch cord

An electrical or optical cable

used to connect (“patch in”)

an electronic or optical device to

another to route a signal.

Devices of various types

(for example,

an adapter connected to a computer,

or an adapter to a router) are

connected to patch cords.

Patch cords are usually

produced in

different colors so

that they can be easily

distinguished from each other.
Types of connecting wires

include microphone cables,

optical fiber spectroscopy cables,

headphone extension cables,

XLR connector,

Tiny Telephone (TT) connector,

RCA connector, and ¼” TRS telephone connector

cables (plus modular Ethernet cables)

used to carry video signals or

Patch cords usually only

refer to short cords used

with patch panels.

D-Link patch cables

They are patch cables for

connecting functional sections,

etc. It is efficient in

transferring data and its versatility

And design with it single-

conductor wires using, for example,

banana connectors (or pin sockets)
Coaxial cable used in BNC connectors
Cat6A cabling using 8P8C (RJ-45)

modular connectors with T568A or

T568B straight wires (modular cables wired with

T568A on one end and T568B

on the other end more

commonly referred to as

crossover cables)
Qualified optical fiber cables

for use with optical fiber

spectroscopy equipment

The patch cord is fitted with connectors

on both ends. A pigtail is similar

to a patch cord and is the

informal name given to a cable

with a connector at one end

and bare wires (or bare fibers) at the other.

In the context of copper cables,

these cables are sometimes referred to as

sharpened patch cords and the

unplugged terminal (“pigtail”)

is intended to be permanently

attached to a component or terminal.

Optical fiber pigtails,

as opposed to copper pigtails,

can be described as a more precise

conductor than cable or wire.

A fiber pigtail is a single, short, airtight

optical fiber that has a pre-installed

optical connector on one end and a length

of bare fiber at the other end.

The end of the fiber strand is stripped and divided

into single fibers from a multi-fiber stem.

Connecting pigtails to each fiber

in the trunk “breaks up”

the multi-fiber cable into

its component fibers for

connection to the end device.

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D-Link patch cord 2M cat6
D-Link patch cord 2M cat6

115,00 EGP

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