Meta WELL 1000VA/600W UPS

– Line Interactive UPS with simulated sinewave output
– Excellent microprocessor control guarantees high reliability
– (Internal self-diagnostic technology)
– Auto restart while AC is recovering
– Cold start function
– Off-mode charging
– Compact Size
– Fast intelligent battery recharge function
– Offering LED and LCD panels for selections
– Optional Generator compatible
– Optional USB/RS232 communication port andRJ11 /RJ45 protection
– Boost and buck AVR for voltage stabilization (one boost and one buck control)

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Meta WELL 1000VA

WELL 1000VA/600W Line Interactive UPS with simulated sinewave output

Meta WELL 1000VA/600W UPS :

WELL 1000VA/600W Line Interactive UPS with simulated sinewave output

the best Meta UPS

The Meta WELL 1000VA/600W UPS is a high-performance, reliable, uninterruptible power supply.

It is designed to protect your valuable electronic devices from power fluctuations, surges, and outages.

This UPS is suitable for both home and small office environments due to its impressive power capacity.

The Meta WELL UPS, with a power capacity of 1000VA/600W, is guaranteed

Delivers consistent, continuous power, giving you peace of mind during critical tasks or power-sensitive activities.

Innovative Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) technology ensures stable voltage output

This protects your gadgets from damage caused by voltage fluctuations.

Meta WELL UPS has many ports, allowing you to connect and protect multiple devices at the same time

Such as computers, servers, networking equipment, and more.

This UPS provides reliable backup power

This ensures continuous operation even during power outages.

The easy-to-use LCD display on the Meta WELL 1000VA/600W UPS provides

Real-time information on battery status, load capacity and I/O voltage.

This allows you to monitor UPS performance and make smart decisions for power management and consumption.

Finally, the Meta WELL 1000VA/600W UPS is a powerful and reliable solution

Power Protection Provides peace of mind and continuous power supply for your electronic devices.

Its advanced technology, many ports, and easy-to-use features make it an ideal choice

For individuals and small businesses looking for a reliable UPS to protect their expensive equipment.

WELL 1000VA/600W Line Interactive UPS with simulated sinewave output

the best Meta UPS

Meta UPS :

Meta UPS is a well-known name in the world of uninterruptible power supplies

It has a good reputation for providing reliable and innovative solutions.

Meta UPS meets various power protection requirements for homes, businesses and industries

By offering a wide range of UPS models.

One of the main advantages of Meta UPS is its innovative technology

Which ensures a continuous and uninterrupted supply of power.

Meta UPS protects electronic devices from voltage fluctuations and power surges

And unexpected power outages by including AVR and surge protection.

This not only protects sensitive equipment from damage

It also avoids data loss and downtime in emergency scenarios.

Meta UPS offers a range of power capacities to meet a wide range of needs

From modest home offices to massive data centers.

Meta UPS provides reliable backup power to keep operations running smoothly

Be it a desktop computer, server rack or industrial machinery.

Furthermore, Meta UPS prides itself on its user-friendly design and simple interfaces.

Many models include LCD displays that provide real-time information

Regarding battery status, load capacity and I/O voltage

Allowing users to monitor UPS performance and make informed power management decisions.

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Specification: Meta WELL 1000VA/600W UPS





Capacity (VA/Watts)




Voltage Range


Frequency Range

50/60Hz (auto sensing)

AC voltage


Regulation (Batt. Mode. )


Frequency Range (Batt mode)

50/60Hz ± 1Hz

Tranfer Time

Typical 4-8ms, 13ms Max.

Waveform(Batt mode)

simuleated sinewave



Battery type&Number

Ah x 2

LED Dissplay(LED Version)

AC Mode,battery mode,load level,batterylevel , input voltage,outputvoltage,overload fault,and battery low

Full protection

short circuit,overload,overchage and overdischarge protection


sounding every 10 seconds

low battery

sounding every seconds


sounding every 0.5 seconds

battery replacement Alam

sounding every2 seconds


continuously sounding


(Support windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/2008,windows 7,Linux,Unix,and MAC)

Communication port

USB or RS232


0-90%RH @0-40C(non-condensing)

Noise level

Less than 45dB

Dimension D*W*H(mm)


Net weight (kgs)


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